Fall Inspired Door Wreath DIY Using Wholesale Bulk Flowers

Who else loves fall? The season when almost overnight you can see the most beautiful colors on the trees and the changing of colors from red, to orange and yellow. The leaves crunch beneath your feet, the weather gets colder, and there is an abundance of pumpkin flavored food! The list goes on and on. If you are a fall person, you will love this next project. 

This DIY project is perfect for the fall season, whether you are welcoming guests to your home for a dinner or whether you simply want your front door to pop. Door wreaths leave your front porch looking cozy and festive. Your door is the first thing that your family and friends see before they enter your home, so make sure to give them a warm welcome! Follow along for a few simple steps on how to create your own fall wreath.

Flower Recommendations

The flower list below contains our recommendations for the types of flowers to choose for your door wreath, table centrepieces, or bouquets. Try using flowers with orange or red hues, as they are the most popular colors of fall. Adding wheat, leaves, or corn can also be a good fall touch.

- Sunflowers

- Garden Roses

- Orchids 

- Gerpom Orange Flowers

Other Leaves and Greens

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Leaves
  • Grass

DIY Door Wreath

Creating your own wreath does not have to be a tough task. Most wreaths can be made in less than a few hours and with simple supplies. There are also countless customizable details that can be added to your wreath if you had a more detailed one in mind.


- Fall Flowers

- Fall Picks (other leaves and greens)  

- Wreath (foam, wire, willow)

- Ribbon

- Flower Wire

- Twine

Crafting Supplies

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape 

Now that you have all your supplies and your flowers and leaves of choice, the fun part is putting together your fall wreath. 

  1. Set up a space on your table or counter to begin constructing your flowery wreath. Purchasing a pre-made wreath shape (foam, wire or willow) will help make this project easier for you. 
  2. Pre-arrange the flowers and leaves you want to put on the different sections of your wreath. Bunch together your sections and attach them with floral tape or glue. 
  3. Arrange your bunches and secure them to the wreath. You can either secure the flower bunches to one side of the wreath or secure them all the way around.
  4. Once all your flowers are secured to your wreath, leave it for a few hours to ensure everything is dry.
  5. Hang your wreath, step back and enjoy. You now have a fall inspired wreath to welcome everyone home.