Fall Inspired Flower Arrangements to Warm Your Home

It’s the start of a new month! November is officially here and the fall season is slowly turning to its colder side. 

Although October is over, there are still opportunities to keep fall alive and warm in your home before the start of winter. The use of fall colours, flowers, greenery and other harvest items will keep your home feeling cozy, warm and inviting to guests. We wanted to give you an idea of the perfect flowers and greenery to keep fall alive in and around your home. Gather your neighbours and friends, and shop your bulk flowers online at Blooms by the Box!

Fall Colours

Bright oranges and yellows, deep reds, pale browns, dark greens and blacks all complement each other nicely and create a beautiful fall pallet. These colours should be kept in mind when putting together your fall flower arrangements or bouquets. You can see how well they compliment each other in the photos below.

Recommended Flowers & Greenery

The following flowers and greenery are truly fall inspired and will look beautiful in any fall arrangement.

  • Anunculus
  • Helios Garden Roses
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Black Calla Lilies
  • Sun Flowers
  • White Snow Berries
  • Wheat
  • Broom Corn
  • Tall Grass

Fall Inspired Bouquets and Centrepieces

These bouquets and centrepieces will look inviting and warm in your home. These fall colours will pop and bring warmth to your kitchen table, mantle, porch or coffee table. The fun part about creating your own arrangements is the ability to be creative and use as many or as little as you want. You can continue to add to your arrangement to create the most perfect fall inspired look. Adding greenery and harvest items such as tall grass, wheat and broom corn will complete the look you are creating and give it that fall/harvest look and feel. We found inspiration for the following arrangements in ELLE Décor and will provide the base look for four different arrangements. Remember any of these arrangements can be added to in order to create a fuller look depending on where you envision your arrangements going in your home.

Greenery Centered Arrangement

Starting with eucalyptus, clematis vine, pampas grass, you can then add small accents of dahlias and ranunculus to bring your arrangement together.

Vintage Meets Autumn

Dusty rose, taupe, and caramel coloured flowers start as the base for this arrangement, adding tall grass and wheat to complete the vintage look and feel. 

Red and Gold Arrangement

With pops of red and yellow roses as the base of this arrangement. The adding blackberries, gomphrena, and fall foliage with complete the look of this arrangement.

Relaxed Fall Arrangement

Starting with belle epoque tulips, picotee ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, twiggy spirea, garden roses, and oriental plum foliage will bring together a beautiful fall inspired arrangement.