Gifting Bulk Flowers For Different Occasions

Gifting flowers can a very thoughtful gesture and there are many different reasons to choose flowers as the appropriate gift to give. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, anniversary, apologizing, professing your love, visiting someone’s new home, as a Mother’s Day gift, or congratulating someone on an achievement, flowers are a classy way to let your someone know you care. Want to really stand out? Blooms by the box offers flowers in bulk, for any event, gathering, or just to really show someone how much they mean to you! 

While a popular gift, did you know that different flowers often symbolize different expressions of emotions? Similar to how you’d ensure you purchased an appropriate gift for a specific event, choosing the right flowers to bring to an event, birthday, or funeral is essential. Read on and learn about what different types of flowers communicate when gifted to a loved one.


Roses symbolize celebration, and are used for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and more. Each rose color can have a different meaning, with red meaning love and romance, pink meaning love and gratitude, white for new starts and spirituality, and yellow for friendship and joy.


Sunflowers always demonstrate light and happiness with their long stems and beautiful full yellow petals. Sunflowers can instantly put someone in a cheerful mood. Sunflowers’ meaning are warm and bright, “symbolizing adoration, loyalty and longevity” (proflowers, 2019).


One of the most popular and symbolized flowers in the world. The carnation is widely appreciated and used for many different reasons. There are so many different colors available that have different meanings. Carnations are generally symbolic of love and admiration. (proflowers, 2019) 


Much like sunflowers, tulips are seasonal flowers and symbolize the start of Spring - sunnier days and warmer nights. Tulips are beautiful and can come in numerous different colors. Tulips bring elegance and grace and can be gifted to let someone know you are thinking of them. “The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love(proflowers, 2019).


A beautiful choice for numerous occasions, lilies stand out with their distinctive and elegant features. Lilies are often given to a friend to demonstrate friendship and devotion - to show a friend you are thinking about them or wishing them the best. Lilies can be found in many distinctive colors that stand out in a beautiful table arrangement.

Now that you have a better understanding of what flowers match what emotions, it’s time to decide which flowers you need and you can source them with us here at Blooms By The Box. Take a better look at our website: