Make Your Own Beautiful Flower Crown Using Bulk Flowers

Make Your Own Beautiful Flower Crown Using Bulk Flowers

Flower headbands are only growing in popularity; they seem to be showing up everywhere and for many different occasions. We have seen them at music festivals, at bridal showers, in engagement photos, in family photos, and at weddings. We have seen them being worn by beautiful brides to match their urban or beach themed weddings, and worn by flower girls as they walk down the aisle. Flower headbands are the perfect way to complete a wedding day look. Check out our wide range of bulk flower options to complete your flower headband piece this holiday season!

In this blog post, we will be showing you how to make your very own flower headband using the most beautiful flowers. Real flowers are the best for flower crowns because they look fresh and reflect the beauty of any season. Different coloured flowers can be used to suit the theme you have chosen for your wedding or event. The most popular themes we have seen flower crowns used for are urban, bohemian, or beach weddings. We have even seen them compliment winter or fall weddings, and the possibilities really are endless as flower crowns are easy to make and maintain, even with fresh flowers. 

You might be wondering what materials you will need to make the perfect flower crown. Although you will not require a large number of materials, it is important to ensure that you have high quality items, so your flower crown does not fall apart.

You will need the following:

    • Vine Wire (earth tones) for or the base of your crown.
    • Craft Wire (earth tones) to secure the flowers to your crown.
    • Floral Tape (earth tones) to wrap your flowers.
    • Flowers and other greenery based on the theme you have chosen. Gather many different sizes to help fill out your crown.
    • Scissors 

We also found this awesome guide to help you choose the best flowers and greenery for your flower headband. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your headband and use sites like Pinterest to your advantage for inspiration.


STEP 1: Measure the wire around your head to make sure the headband fits comfortably and securely. Tape the ends to ensure the wires does not unravel.

STEP 2: Using the floral tape, secure the stems of your greenery around the base of your crown. Adding greenery first helps plan where you want your flowers to go. 

STEP 3: It’s time to add your beautiful fresh flowers! This step will be broken down in three smaller steps. Firstly, cut the stems to two or three inches to help make your assembly easy. Second, create small bunches of your flowers; this will be divided in small sections in your crown. Finally, wrap the stems together using floral tape before attaching to the headband.

STEP 4: Now, add your bunches of flowers to your desired area of the headband. Secure with craft wire or floral tape. Layer your flowers as desired and make sure to attach all the flowers in one direction.

You should now have a beautiful and elegant flower headband for your special day. If you are making the headband in advance, you can keep it in the fridge so that it remains fresh.